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Meet the Owner


Pizza by Geneo was established in 1959 by two friends, Gene and Elmer, in Harvey, IL. Gene was of Polish descent, so when they were coming up with the name they wanted to make it sound 'Italian" so they added an "o" to his name and Pizza by Geneo was born.
Originally 5 restaurants were part of this family owned chain, but our Harvey location is all that's left of these original 5. 

We are excited to announce our brand now location in Calumet City. Here you will find the same mouth-watering Pizza by Geneo recipe, ingredients, and flavors customers love grown to over the years, just a brand location. Please help us welcome Pizza by Geneo Cal City!

Left to Right-

Paul, Owner of the Harvey Location


Tamika, Owner of the Cal City Location

Others have taken the name Geneo in various forms and claim to be the original, but the first, the original, and the only Pizza by Geneo is only found in Harvey and now Calumet City.

Chains have come and gone, quality has been replaced by cheaper ingredients, imitation dairy products masquerading as real cheese, and promises of $5 fast and readies-but at Pizza by Geneo we don't cut corners, we only use real ingredients just like we have since 1959. Our history is in our sauce which is on the best damn pizza in the Chicagoland area.

A pie from Pizza by Geneo is a portal to the past and located close by in Calumet City,Il. Take your taste buds for a trip down memory lane and experience authentic Chicago thin crust pizza.

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